Jana Seva Kendra, a charitable organization is servicing from Borivali for the last 38 years in the fields of education, medical and cultural. The Kendra was established under the chairmanship of Shri Ram Naik, then MLA and now governor of Uttar Pradesh, Shri J.V. Kamath, the secretary (former chairman of Jana Seva Bank), Late Dr. VasudeoShringi, corporator and a samajsevak, Late Shri. JayantilalDamania, Sr. Advocate, Vice Chairman, and ShriRadheshyam Singhania, a chartered accountant along with many other socially oriented dedicated workers. Our guide, mentor and inspiration is Swami Vivekananda, whose every word, thought and even sigh was echoing the love of Mother India.

The Kendra erected a statue of Swami Vivekananda in 1987 at the outskirts of Borivali station giving a sense of completeness to the S.V. Road. For the past twenty years we are honoring SSC students who stood first in his /her school with a slogan “*of Swamiji.” Swamiji always said that his hope is in younger generation and he was sure that they will work like lions to solve the whole problem in front of the mankind. Numerous donations are given to schools, hospitals, social organizations, of Maharashtra, Goa, Northeast part of India which has given immense satisfaction to the trust as well as the recipients.