We are extremely happy and proud to inform that "Ms Aditi Kajrekar" student of Vivekananda Prabodhini has been selected for Indian Navy after successfully passing all stages of the entrance exam for Navy, SSB, and medical tests She will join as Sub Lieutenant in Indian Navy after completing her orientation and training.

As a Naval Armament Inspection officer, one will be responsible for inspection of the armament supplied to the Navy by various agencies. One will also be responsible for in-house Research & Development, leading to indigenization and will have to ensure the quality, safety and reliability of Naval Armament and Stores procured by the Navy.

An Electronics Engineer from one of the top most institutes, she was always determined and passionate to serve Indian Army, Airforce, or Navy and tried with outstanding hardwork, tenacity and mental abilities. Even with lucrative and cosy career in IT industry at hand, her love for Mother India persisted and pushed her through all the trials and tests to now reach this pinnacle of glory. The assurance and support she got from her noble and patriotic parents made us bow down to this family. With no relatives in the armed forces careers and being the first girl to crack these exams in her entire locality, it was her self belief, innate drive and fireheart which sparked time and again and we knew one day or other she will get hold of that cup of victory..not for herself, not for any material gains but for India. We feel fortunate to be instrumental in her journey of last two to three years.

She mentioned touchingly the contribution of Vivekananda Prabodhini, not only in teaching but in support and in counselling. We are indeed overwhelmed and wish her great success and a career full of outstanding achievements.

May the Almighty fulfill her dream of giving her best for the service of our motherland.💐💐